Raising New Family Member – Puppy



There’s no magic recipe for a happy, well-behaved dog to raise your New Puppy Puppy-parenting tips to assist your fresh pup thrive. The pet parents who took the time to teach them manners and social skills are behind every kind of pooch. Here are a few things you want your fresh puppy to work on straight away:

  • ” how to be social… “

Helping your puppy grow social skills is your first task as a parent. One of the biggest donations you can offer is to teach a young dog how to correctly communicate with individuals and other animals. Dogs are social creatures, so it is essential for the remainder of the family to enjoy their business and seek it out.

Help your fresh puppy get used to individuals during the first few weeks by making sure you have a lot of interaction with him or her. (Not the toughest job in the world; who doesn’t enjoy puppy time?)

It’s also a nice time to begin teaching simple “come” or “sit” orders.

  • “Patience is must “

Teach the self-discipline of your pup by creating easy, clear guidelines and continuously implementing them. For example, if you want puppies to stay off the furniture, don’t scold them for a moment, then invite them the next one for a snuggle.

  • “Only some things are for chewing.”

Chewing is a natural, healthy conduct of a puppy. It is up to you to provide your puppy with adequate toys or treatments to chew, or they will chew anything else within reach.

If you catch your dog gnawing something they’re not supposed to be, say, “Hey!”or” stop – No ” .

Remove it and replace it with a suitable chew. Your puppy will quickly learn what a chew toy is and is not.

  • “I’m never going to harm you.”

Do not punish your dog physically or in any other severe manner. Physical or emotional abuse will only frighten and distrust your dog. In dogs, fearfulness can even switch to defensive behaviors like biting.

Dogs react much better to positive reinforcement, just like individuals. Instead of attempting penalty to prevent poor conduct, healthy conduct is rewarded with praise, toys and treatments. This will make your puppy look forward to more opportunities to please you, ensuring a powerful bond throughout your life between the two of you.


Whatever information is provided , please reconfirm with your local expert/vet. Its just an information , not a medical advice.


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