What do I need to feed my puppy?


Choose a high quality food for growing pups.


  • Feeding your puppy properly.

Growing puppies always seem hungry feeding your dog’s right, so it’s simple to overfeed them. But don’t give up the cute eyes of the puppy. For future health issues such as obesity and even skeletal problems, feeding pups too much can set them up.

The quantity your puppy should offer relies on the breed, size and optimal weight of the puppy. Check your pup’s food label for serving suggestions, or follow your veterinarian’s feeding directions.

  • Always provide your puppies cool and fresh water.

Having enough water is must for their health.

  • You’re sweet, but what are you eating?

As adult dogs zoom in, increasing puppies burn more calories per pound. They also need the correct protein combination to sustain their heart and muscles; good skin fats and a shiny coat; and energy carbohydrates. Choose a high-quality food that is specially designed for puppies (the label will say so) and refuel your pup with two or three meals a day on the regular

  • When to switch to food adults

Usually toy & small breeds puppies get matured by nine or 10 months and can switch to adult. Large and giant races have nothing but to go up: to achieve adulthood they take 16 to 18 months. Once dogs are fully grown, they don’t need as many calories (like individuals), so it’s time to switch the menu from puppy food to adult dog food.


Whatever information is provided , please reconfirm with your local expert/vet. Its just an information , not a medical advice.

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