7 Ways To Keep Senior Dogs Active & Healthy…

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t’s easy to assume that the changes older dogs experience are inevitable. Dogs older than seven may slow down, sleep more, play less and otherwise show signs of age. But older dogs that get exercise, mental stimulation and the specially-formulated nutrition can avoid some of the physical and cognitive changes that can come along with age.

  1. Introduce new toys and activities.
    For an older dog, a new toy isn’t just fun and exciting – it can also offer your dog mental stimulation and encourage more interaction.
  2. Explore new places.
    Whether it’s taking your dog to a new place to play, a dog park or even walking a completely new route, the novel experience of a different location can help provide your dog with mental stimulation.
  3. Meet new dogs.
    As long as your dog doesn’t show signs of aggression or anxiety, the chance to interact with other dogs will help keep your dog socially active.
  4. Teach new tricks.
    The old cliché isn’t true – you can teach your old dog new tricks. Asking your dog to learn a new command will test his or her brain against a new challenge.
  5. Give time and attention. 
    Your dog needs just as much care and attention as he or she did as a puppy. When you give the time and care your dog deserves, you can both enjoy the years you have together.
  6. Feed great nutrition. 

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